Wireless Solutions from Network Services Corp.
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Wireless Solutions

Featuring solutions from AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Network Services Corp. offers a complete suite of wireless technologies that are designed to meet the specific needs of your industry. Our wireless solutions enable your business to become much more mobile, resulting in increased employee productivity and improved business efficiency.


Whether you require voice, data, email, GPS tracking or broadband, we will help you find the most accurate equipment and features at the best price based on your individual usage. The proper solution can help your business solve challenges in the field, on the production line, on the retail floor, or en route to make a customer delivery.

If you already have service, contact us for a for a free analysis. We will analyize your existing bills and find the most suitable option to provide you the best service at the lowest cost based on your usage.

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Xora - Mobile Resource Management

Making Mobile People More Productive


In an era of squeezed margins and shrinking workforces, companies are looking for ways to get more out of less every day. Xora's location-enabled mobile workforce management applications use the GPS capabilities of the phones worker’s carry with them, allowing companies to manage their mobile employees as easily and with as much transparency as they would any office employee.


Why do companies love it?

With no long-term contracts, no expensive equipment to buy and rapid and continuous ROI, what’s not to love? Specifically, companies can provide better customer service by knowing the real-time location of their workers. They save money by receiving more accurate time and mileage records from their employees. Finally, they get more jobs completed every day by more effectively dispatching their team members.


Why do workers love it?

Turn-by-turn driving directions ensure that workers never get lost looking for a job. Their phones becomes virtual time clocks, allowing them to punch in and out without having to keep track of paperwork. They can be sure that they always get paid accurately for time worked, because all time card data is backed up by GPS records.

Five minute Flash Overview


PDF Icon Xora TimeTrack™ Overview


For a free consultation or more information about Xora, call (760) 274-2020 or e-mail us at service@networkservicescorp.com

Vectus Wireless

About Vectus


Founded in 1999, Vectus is Southern California's leading provider of reliable point-to-point wireless connectivity. Vectus is dedicated to providing fully integrated communications and IT solutions at a far lower cost than other companies can. Founded by industry professionals with decades of experience, Vectus can engineer a cost effective and reliable solution for your infrastructure challenges.


A leader in Fixed Wireless Broadband


Wireless Internet connectivity is replacing legacy wired services, such as DSL, T1s, bonded T1s, DS3s, Fiber, and cable Internet, eliminating the need for wiring and phone lines. Fixed wireless can be installed in days instead of months... or even years and typically cost way less than competing technologies, like Fiber, to install. Paired with robust security protocols, 24-7 proactive monitoring, and support, microwave connectivity provides ultra-low latency data connections at Gigabit speeds.


To learn more about Vectus Wireless solutions, please call (760) 274-2020 or e-mail us at service@networkservicescorp.com

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Find out more today.For a free consultation or more information about products and services from Network Services Corp., please call (760) 274-2020 or e-mail us at service@networkservicescorp.com.


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